iPass Now Boasts 50,000 Hotspots

iPass, the world’s largest reseller of wireless connectivity, recently announced it has added more than 6,000 European wireless hotspots managed by the Cloud and 1,000 hotspots operated by Swisscom to its aggregate network, bringing the total number of professionally managed hotspots accessible to iPass users to over 50,000.

iPass mainly resells wireless and other forms of connectivity to corporate clients, rather than to end-users, usually on a per-minute rate. iPass tallies up usage on an account-by-account or company-wide basis rather than for individual users, so companies just have one login shared between users, and just pay one bill for accumulated usage for mobile employees.

The Cloud’s network in the U.K., Sweden, and Germany is already partnered up with O2, Skype, Nintendo, Intel, BT, Vodaone, and others. Swisscom offers wireless service at international airports in Zurich, Geneva, Luganno, and Berne, as well as rail stations, businesses, hotels, and conference centers throughout Switzerland. iPass’s partnership with Swisscom will give iPass users access to more than 75 percent of the commercially-operated hotspots in Switzerland, according to JiWire.