LaCie Offers 1 TB Bus-Powered Hard Drive

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LaCie can’t seem to stop churning out hard drive models aimed at particular niche users. This time, it’s the LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra, offering four interfaces and up to one terabyte of capacity in a tiny (1.6″ by 3.3″ by 5.5″) enclosure. But for true mobile media makers, those alone might not complete the sale. But this might: the drive can operate off a FireWire bus, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

“The Little Big Disk is suitable for multiple in-the-field applications. A professional photographer will take thousands of RAW photos in one photo shoot, while a videographer needs tremendous capacity and transfer rates to edit their footage,” said LaCie product manager Arnaud Prezelin, in a statement.

In addition to four interfaces—USB 2.0, two FireWire 800 ports (convertible to FireWire 400 with adapter), and eSATA, the Little Big Disk Quadra sports two 2.5-inch hard drives operating together in a RAID o configuration. The drive is also fanless, using LaCie’s d2 heat sink design to stay cool. The drive also ships with LaCie Setup Assistant, EMC Retrospect for Mac and Windows (although it’s also compatible with Apple’s Time Machine backup feature), and supports FireWire daisy-chaining.

The 1 TB version is available now for $699.99. A 500 GB version runs $429.99, and a 400 GB 7,200 RPM version is available for the same price.