LG Recalls 30,000 Phones Due to Poor 911 Capability

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Electronics maker LG, in conjunction with th Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a recall for 30,000 LG 830 Spyder mobile phones due to poor voice quality on calls to 911 emergency services and difficulties maintaining phone connections. The recalled phones have software versions T83LGV03 and T83LGV04; users can check the software version on their phone by selecting “Phone Information” from the handset’s Settings menu.

Impacted users can get a free software upgrade from their wireless carrier or LG Electronics MobileComm to resolve the problem. The handsets were sold from September through November 2008 at a number of retail outlets in the northwest and southeastern United States (Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Puerto Rico) via a number of regional wireless carriers.

LG says most LG 830 Spyders have already received the software upgrade and owners won’t need to take any action.