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Meta’s new professional mode for content creators allows up to $35K in earnings

Meta has faced stiff competition from TikTok and Twitter, the latter of which recently released a new policy for Super Follows to help increase creator revenue. Now, the social media giant formerly known as Facebook has introduced a “professional mode” for eligible creators, allowing them to earn revenue without creating a separate page on their platform. 

The announcement was recently made on Meta’s for Creators blog. One of the monetization options available will be the Reels Play Bonuses program, which permits creators to earn up to a not insignificant $35,000 based on the number of views of their qualifying reels.

A screenshot of the Sandbox metaverse map.

Meta is also offering some welcome changes via this new mode. Users will be able to save drafts of their reels during the creation process, and the new platform will allow them to create longer, 60-second reels. Content creators will also find it easier to compose a video by selecting multiple clips. 

Once users have turned on the professional mode for their profile, all users can follow them and see the content in their feed. However, users will still be in charge of what content they share and with whom, letting them share information privately instead of publicly.  This is a good tactic to prevent abuse and harassment of creators. Finally, professional mode offers access to profile and post insights. Creatives will be able to see a number of statistics related to their content, including but not limited to the total number of post shares, reactions, and comments that posts have. They will also be able to review their follower growth timeline.

Thisprofessional mode program is currently open on an invite-only basis. Meta has clarified that these features will be extended only to professional content creators who are based in the United States for now. It will gradually be introduced to other creators, both in the U.S., as well as in other countries, though just when is currently unknown. Professional mode is expected to launch in 2022 to Meta’s global platform, once Facebook Reels is available in other countries.

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