Moshi’s iPhone 7 Kameleon case has a kickstand that lets you go hands-free

If you consume a lot of media on your iPhone 7, then you know the struggle to view streaming content hands-free is real. Setting your phone down to watch a video means either hunching over it like a Neanderthal or propping it up against your coffee mug, which always manages to slide down and fall flat right after you’ve found the perfect balance. That’s where a kickstand case like Moshi’s Kameleon comes in handy.

The Kameleon has a simple but elegant exterior backed with vegan leather and wrapped in a brushed aluminum bumper, with a matching metal kickstand on the back. It’s available in two colors combinations: white leather with gold metal or black leather with rose gold metal. The kickstand sticks out from the case when it’s closed, which might be a dealbreaker if you prefer one that’s perfectly flush. However, the protrusion wasn’t too obtrusive when holding the phone, and only on a handful of occasions did it get snagged on something like the edge of a pocket.

The sizable kickstand opens with a satisfying click and stays open on a spring hinge. It’s positioned to support the phone upright in both portrait and landscape so you can Skype, FaceTime, or watch Netflix without getting a hand cramp. On a level surface, the kickstand is reliably stable; the one exception is if you bump it while in portrait, then the phone is prone to tipping over. Luckily the case is more than equipped to protect it.

The Kameleon provides multiple layers of protection starting with the aforementioned aluminum bumper which is wrapped around a hard plastic outer shell and shock-absorbent TPU inner layer. The inside of the case is lined with a soft microfiber that keeps scratches off the back of your phone where it makes contact with the case. On the front, it has just enough of a raised edge to keep your phone’s screen off flat surfaces and avoid scratches. As with many of Moshi’s cases, the Kameleon exceeds military-grade drop testing standards for protection that doesn’t compromise on style.

The cutouts on the back of the case allow unobstructed use of the camera and show off the Apple logo but the extra opening could potentially be an entry point for dust and debris getting between the case and the phone. During calls the mic quality wasn’t adversely affected by the case nor was the audio from the speakerphone. The covers over the volume and sleep buttons were also easy to press allowing for full functionality for all exterior buttons. We like that the cutout for the Lightning port is a bit wider than on some other cases we’ve tried, allowing for greater compatibility with third-party cables, docks, and accessories.

The Kameleon case’s premium looks come with a premium price, though we think for the durability and functionality it offers, it’s well worth it.