Nokia Launches New Handsets, UMA Net Calls

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Mobile phone maker Nokia today unveiled three new handset models at the 3GSM World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, including a new mid-range 3G cameraphone Nokia expects may be one of its largest-selling models ever, along with a new model which can user wireless Internet technology to make phone calls over the Internet, bypassing traditional mobile networks.

Nokia feels its new 6131 model cameraphone has the makings of a “modern classic,” featuring an ergonomic folding design and a large high-resolution QVGA display (supporting 16 million colors) and a 1.3 megapixel camera with a dedicated camera button and an 8x digital zoom which can use either the inside or cover displays as a viewfinder. The 6131 also features an integrated music player and FM receiver, Bluetooth wireless technology, a built-in email client which supports attachments, microSD memory card support, and Nokia’s own Xpress audio messaging and push-to-talk capability. The quad-band GS/EDGE phone is expected to be available in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin American markets in the second quarter of 2006 at about