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This Nokia Lumia 520 stopped a bullet, saving a police officer

nokia lumia 520 incoming bullet saves police officer destroyed

The Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the most affordable Windows Phones available, but it may be a bargain now that we’ve learned it stopped a bullet from possibly killing a Brazilian military officer.

According to a Globo report, the officer was on his way to his mother’s house so his uniform could be washed. When he got there, he found his parents held hostage. Two robbers were looting the house, and when they saw his uniform, they opened fire upon the officer.

Thankfully, the officer walked away from that situation unharmed. One bullet missed the officer, while the other hit his Lumia 520, which was sitting in his back pocket. As you can imagine, the Lumia 520 was completely destroyed, but it managed to stop the bullet from going any further.

Unfortunately, the robbers made off with cell phones, watches, jewelry, and money. While the São Paulo State Military Police pursued the suspects, they could not find them. Given the rather lengthy response times of Brazilian authorities, and the fact that they are not well-liked by segments of the Brazilian population, the officer’s Lumia 520 may have saved his life, or at least, saved him from having an ugly mark near his buttock. Now, it’s just a story he can tell at the bar.

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