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Nokia N9 to feature Atom processor?

Finland’s Nokia is widely expected to show off its new MeeGo mobile platform at the upcoming Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Meego is born from a partnership between Nokia and Intel, putting Nokia’s development environment on top of Intel’s Moblin architecture and turning the result loose on the open source community. However, Finland’s Processori reports (Finnish) that Nokia’s partnership with Intel may extend to hardware, with the anticipated MeeGo-bearing Nokia N9 potentially bearing an Intel Atom processor.

The reports have the N9 bearing a single-core 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor, which—if true—would mark the highest clockspeed in any Nokia mobile device. The N9 will also be Nokia’s first MeeGo device, and speculation has Nokia prepping a version of the device to function on high-speed 4G LTE mobile networks—although HSPA+ compatibility seems more likely. The device is also expected to carry the same 12 megapixel digital camera found in the Nokia N8.

Nokia has not formally announced the N9, but for several months industry reports have indicated the device will be a QWERTY-equipped phone with video calling capability. Other speculation has included a 4-inch touchscreen display and HDMI output.

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