Nokia Teams Up With iPass for Biz Clients

Nokia and iPass announced today that they’re developing wireless connectivity software for Nokia’s 9500, 9300i, and Eseries mobile devices aimed at business professionals.

iPass is a Wi-Fi hotpsot operator with a network of more than 50,000 professionally-managed hotspots in 160 countries. The collaboration will enable users of Nokia’s business devices to access Internet services via the iPass network, which operates on a quarterly, account-driven basis rather than billing individual sessions at each access point. Additionally, iPass enables corporate IT managers to integrate iPass with policy management and security technologies to maintain security of corporate services.

Initially, the companies aim to provide wireless connectivity for Nokia devices running Series 80 and S60 software platforms; client software for the 9300i and 9500 is expected by mid-2006, while a client for the Eseries devices should be available by the end of 2006.

“We recognize that ubiquitous connectivity and a simple and easy-to-use way of accessing resources remotely is paramount. The iPass service delivers intuitive wireless connectivity for Nokia business devices,” said Susan Macke, Nokia VP of product marketing, Enterprise Solutions. “Customers may conveniently and securely connect from thousands of global Wi-Fi access locations at premium business locations such as airports, hotels and convention centers,” she added.

“Working with the world’s leading mobile communications company is a strong validation of our strategy of a single universal service for all remote and mobile access. It marks a positive entry for us into the smart phone arena, and we believe that the iPass client software is ideally suited to deliver the simplicity and security that these devices require,” said Joel Wachtler, iPass senior VP of marketing and strategy.