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You have to see this savage Galaxy S23 drop test

While we all hope it never happens to us, it’s always fun to watch a video of a smartphone getting absolutely brutalized. Luckily for anyone curious about how the Galaxy S23 line fairs against being dropped on the sidewalk, Allstate filmed another one of its drop tests so that you don’t have to try it for yourself.

The test aimed to see how well the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are able to survive being dropped from six feet — and the results were actually pretty interesting.

For the most accurate results, Allstate used its signature DropBot to drop all three phones from six feet onto pavement, testing both the front and back of each device. The first, and most brutal, test dropped the base Galaxy S23 face-down — which completely destroyed the phone. The glass was shattered and started falling off, rendering it completely unusable. When flipped over and dropped on its back, the glass took significant damage, but perhaps more devastatingly, the phone suffered some damage to its frame. While the S23 faired about the same as the same test conducted on the S22 by Allstate last year, the base Galaxy S models aren’t exactly the most indestructible phones on the market.

Although the S23 took a lot of heavy damage, both the S23 Plus and the S23 Ultra took the hits surprisingly well. Both devices suffered a little bit of chipped and broken glass, but they were still usable after being dropped on the front and back. The most damage that was done to either phone was some shattered glass on the S23 Ultra’s camera, but that’s not entirely surprising given the fact that the cameras are raised off the back of the phone so prominently.

All-in-all, Allstate’s findings were that the S23 line is just as durable and, in some cases, more durable than the S22 line before it. That said, the results of the test shouldn’t inspire much confidence in base S23 owners that their new phone is going to survive a big drop.

If you’re looking to save your phone from a fate of broken glass and damaged frames, it might be time to check out our lists of the best Galaxy S23 screen protectors and best Galaxy S23 cases … just to be safe.

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