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Samsung’s phone sales already exceed 300 million for 2011

If there was any doubt what the most popular gadget is these days, take a look at Samsung. The world’s second largest phone manufacturer revealed on Sunday that 2011 sales exceeded 300 million units at the end of November. That’s right: Samsung has sold more than 300 million phones in 2011 with a month to spare–an astounding figure. This number is up from 280 million phones sold in 2010, reports Reuters. It’s a new record for Samsung.

The success of Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones has contributed a great deal to its success this year. The Galaxy S II has seen positive traction here in the United States as well. In global sales, Samsung is now the top smartphone manufacturer, according to the IDC

Despite its troubles, Nokia remains the biggest phone manufacturer in the world. The company claims to sell more than 1 million phones every day, meaning its year-end sales should be around 365 million – 400+ million units sold. In the smartphone space, which is still smaller than the total phone market, Apple is no slouch either. It’s rumored that Apple is on track to sell 30 million iPhones in the last three months of 2011. If true, this would mark a near 50 percent increase from its usual 20 million-per-quarter sales that it has held since the iPhone 4 debuted.  

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