T-Mobile Dropping Sidekick LX and Sidekick 2008

t mobile dropping sidekick lx and 2008 3T-Mobile will be ceasing to sell both the Sidekick LX and Sidekick 2008 this Friday PC World is reporting. T-Mobile says they will continue to sell next generation Sidekicks when they become available.

This comes in the wake of a number of hardware failures that ultimately resulted in customers losing their data including e-mail, contacts, MP3’s and other data. In all, more than 800,000 customers have lost their data because of the hardware issues.

According to Cnet, T-Mobile also notified customers and advised them not to reset their phone, remove the battery or even let it run out of power. When asked about data backup services, or why T-Mobile let the data disappear, they pointed their fingers toward Microsoft, whose Danger subsidiary is responsible for the device.