T-Mobile Launches 5MP Motorola Zine ZN5

T-Mobile has officially launched the Motorola Zine ZN5 in the United States. aiming to combine a solid phone experience with high-quality digital photography…and appeal to all the shutterbugs out there who feel compelled to carry both a phone and a camera.

"The Motozine ZN5 is a terrific phone for T-Mobile customers who value instant connections with loved ones," said T-Mobile’s director of device marketing Travis Warren, in a statement. "Who wants to lug around several tech devices during the holidays when one—the ZN5—will suffice, making it easier than ever to snap and share photos with family and friends."

The ZN5 offers a 5 megapixel camera developed jointly with Kodak, featuring a Xenon flash, with built-in red-eye reduction and optimized settings for taking pictured in low-light environments. Users can also upload photos immediately to Kodak Gallery—and the phone comes with 50 free prints. Users can also share photos via MMS, USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, and the phone stores images to microSD cards (a 1 GB card comes with the phone.

Other features include stereo Bluetooth, EDGE and Wi-Fi connectivity, an integrated FM receiver, and a full HTML browser for surfing the Web.

The Zine Z5 is available now for $99, after a $100 mail-in rebate, with a new two-year service contract.