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It seems like T-Mobile customers can’t get enough of pizza

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Hey, T-Mobile customers, wipe that strand of cheese from your chops and check out what you’ve gone and done to Domino’s.

According to the carrier’s charismatic boss, your enthusiastic use of the recently launched T-Mobile Tuesdays app, which offers free stuff to T-Mobile customers, has forced the pizza firm to withdraw from the promotion.

Legere informed his pizza-loving customers of the tragic news on Wednesday following the end of what was only the second T-Mobile Tuesdays.

“OMG. T-Mobile customers slammed Domino’s stores,” Legere tweeted. “They saw 3X & 4X [more orders] in a typical day and can’t handle the volume.” In another, he said, “T-Mobile customers love Domino’s so much, you broke them!”

The CEO revealed that the Domino’s offer would be replaced next week with a free Lyft ride worth $15, which some T-Mobile customers will presumably use to take them to the nearest pizza joint.

The other offers – a free Frosty from Wendy’s and a free movie rental from Vudu – remain firmly in place, while next week there’ll also be a $20 coupon for

Of course, while we don’t doubt there was plenty of demand for Domino’s pizza from T-Mobile customers over the last two Tuesdays, who really knows if it wasn’t always going to be a two-week deal between the two companies. Still, Legere, a CEO never slow to miss a marketing opportunity, is doing what he can to blow the trumpet for T-Mobile Tuesdays, one of many publicity moves from T-Mobile aimed at retaining the loyalty of existing customers and winning new ones.

Besides the guaranteed freebies, the cross-platform T-Mobile Tuesdays app also has a game you can play for a chance to win a variety of “top shelf” prizes.

“T-Mobile Tuesdays is a major investment we’re making in customers,” Legere told customers when the app launched last week. “About $31.49 worth of  free stuff just this week … multiply that with millions of customers – that’s a lot of gratitude, but you’re worth it.”

Its customers may have to pay for pizza from hereon in, but the CEO promises other partners are lining up with offers and will share soon.

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