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This popular G-Shock watch is getting a $5,470 luxury makeover

Photo showing the G-Shock MR-G B2100B's dial.

One of the most popular Casio G-Shock shapes is about to get a luxury makeover as the octagonal 2100 watch passes through the hands of Casio’s MR-G team to become the very first MR-G 2100. It’s a very big deal for the watch, and as with all high-end, exclusive MR-G G-Shock watches, it comes with a very big price tag, too.

Since its release in 2019, the 2100’s distinct octagonal shape won the hearts of both G-Shock fans and watch collectors, and it has been made in a variety of different colors, with or without Bluetooth, and in different limited editions too. But getting the MR-G treatment is something very special, as this means it’s entirely reworked, and then assembled and hand-finished on Casio’s Premium Production Line by specially certified technicians.

Photo showing the structure of the G-Shock MR-G B2100B.

The MR-G B2100B, as it will be known, will be made of 27 separate, polished metal components, with a bezel made from cobarion, a material four times harder than titanium, and a bracelet made from a titanium alloy. But the standout piece is the incredible dial. For this piece, Casio has used a Japanese woodworking technique called kigumi as its inspiration, with the geometric latticework not only looking unique, but also allowing light into the watch to enable the solar power feature.

The solar power enables the low-power Bluetooth connection to your phone, but this isn’t one of Casio’s most feature-packed connected watches; instead, the app lets you set the time, date, and alarms. It has a phone finder and a status check to make sure the watch is working correctly. The B2100B also has Casio’s Multiband 6 system, so it automatically adjusts the time based on wherever you are in the world. Despite its luxurious nature, the B2100B is still a G-Shock, so it is water-resistant to 200 meters and resists shock and magnetic fields.

Photo showing the G-Shock MR-G B2100B's crown construction.

One of the last MR-G watches I wore was the MR-G B5000B, Casio’s first “square” model to undergo the MR-G treatment. It also used a DAT55G titanium band, which was immensely comfortable due to its incredible lightness. The B2100B weighs 122 grams, making it slightly heavier than the 100-gram B5000B, likely mostly due to its larger size. It’s still only 13.6mm thick, though, making it one of the slimmest G-Shock watches you can get.

Sounds exciting, right? Now, let’s get to the price. This is an exclusive, hand-finished, low-production run watch, and the 4,300 British pounds (or about $5,470) price reflects its status. The octagonal 2100-series G-Shock earned the nickname “CasiOak” due to its vague similarity to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, and with the announcement of the MR-G B2100B, it’s slowly catching up with that model’s price and exclusivity. An exact release date and official U.S. pricing have not been confirmed at the time of writing.

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