V-Moda’s Vibe II Headphones Add a Mic

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V-Moda has updated its Vibe line of luxury headphones with the Vibe II with Microphone, adding a hands-free mic to its famously high-end noise-isolating earbuds for the iPod and iPhone. The headphones feature a new 8mm driver designed to provide a transparent sound stage for all genres of music, but which are especially effective with bass-heavy material.

"We’re excited to introduce Vibe II, as we believe the headphone is the first to bring together the finest elements of design, music, fashion and world-renowned audio—all of which epitomize the V-Moda brand," said V-Moda CEO and founder Val Kolton, in a statement. "We saw Vibe II as a fashion accessory from its inception and wanted a breakthrough design as the crux."

The headphones are designed to remind users of high-end jewelry, both in their appearance and tactile feel. The headphones feature stainless steel with a contrasting jewel accent in the center. The cables aren’t plastic-coated wires, but instead use a braided cable that connects to the inline microphone, and the headphones feature call/music controls and optional earhooks. The headphones come with four pairs of differently-sized silicone fittings, carrying case, and a VIP card that provides access to V-Moda podcasts and previews.

The Vibe II with Microphone will initially be available in black and red, with more color options on the way. They’re available for $128 (a price V-Moda claims is a paean to the 128bpm pace of much dance music) from both V-Moda’s online store and Apple’s online store and retail locations.