Verizon Offers G’zOne Rugged Cell Phone

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If your lifestyle is active, demanding, and takes a toll on your portable gadgets, then a new phone from Verizon might be just yor trick: starting tomorrow (and October 23 in stores), Verizon Wireless will exclusively be offering the rugged G’Zone Type-V in the United States. Although the name might be a tongue-twister, the phone complies with military specs for temperature extremes, sunlight, submersion, winds, and storm conditions.

The G’Zone Type-V phone provides access to many high-end Verizon Wireless services, including V-CAST wireless music, video, and 3D games, while enabling folks who lead “active lifestyles” to lug the phone around with some confidence. With all the ports closed and the antenna tucked away, the G’Zone Type-V was found equal to tests simulating 2 inches of rainfall an hour in a 40 mph wind, immersion in one meter of water, humidity levels of 95 percent at temperatures from 86 to 140°F, salt fog tests, 1.5 meter drop tests, and vibration tests. The unit also stood up to solar radiation tests which subjected the unit to three 24-hour, 1120 Watts/M2 cycles at temperatures of 90 to 120°F, and a silica flour dust test at 95°F.

Need features? The G’Zone Type-V sports a 2 megapixel video-capable camera, speakerphone, text-messaging and instant messaging capability, and a standby time of up to 170 hours. But it’ll cost you: Verizon is pricing the unit at $299.99 with a two-year service agreement.

Oh—and handset insurance is available in case it slips out of your pack while you’re doing a rope-free vertical ascent and takes a fall a little over 1.5 meters.