WildCharge Brings Wireless Charging to iPhone, iPod touch

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If there’s one aspect of mobile technology that has grated on consumers’ last nerve for years, it’s chargers: it’s as if mobile devices’ batteries are programmed to know when the worst possible minute might be to run out of juice. Getting power back into your precious mobile device usually involves shuffling around adapters, digging cables out from under the desk, and trying to find some space for the device to sit for a few hours.

The Palm pre aimed to solve a few of these problems with its capacitive TouchStone charging solution; now Colorado’s WildCharge aims to bring something similar to the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, announcing its WildCharge Adapter Skin is now availabe for the iPod touch and will launch for the iPhone (including the 3GS) in a few weeks. The system works using a custom skin that slips onto the iPhone or iPod touch and hooks into the existing dock port: once the skin is on, users just place the devices on the WildCharger Pad (sold separately, of course) to charge up their devices without fussing with cables, docks, and adapters.

"The market is demanding a move towards wire-free charging, and WildCharge is thrilled to answer that call by adding Apple devices to our lineup of commercially available products," said WildCharge CEO and chairman Dennis Grant, in a statement.

The WildCharge adapter skin for iPod touch or iPhone runs $34.99; a combined skin-and-pad bundle for iPhone or iPod touch is available for $79.99.