WorldNav 3100 Offers GPS, Music, and Video

TeleType has released its WorldNav 3100, a portable GPS device combining the company’s award-winning GPS navigation and mapping system with portable music and video playing capabilities for an all-in-one unit which may be compelling for vacationers and other travelers looking to cut down on device clutter.

The WorldNav 3100 weighs just six ounces and offers a touch-scren interface which operates like in-dash navigation systems: users simply touch the screen to make selections, and are guided to their destinations via simple spoken word instructions. The U.S. edition of the WorldNav 3100 comes pre-loaded with street-level maps of the United States and Puerto Rico, and offers 2D and 3D views, pan and zoom, and day and night mode functions. The built-in maps also sport more up to 12 million points of interest (who knew the U.S. was that interesting?) A built-in lithium-ion battery enables the WorldNav 3100 to be used outside a vehicle, and the unit supports both SD media and USB connections for transferring data like music, images, and video.

TeleType is woefully tight-lipped about the specs for music and video