Yahoo Inks Windows Mobile Deal with HTC

Internet giant Yahoo and Taiwan’s High Tech Computer Corp (HTC) have announced a new partnership which will see HTC preloading Yahoo Go, Yahoo Search, and Yahoo Mail on millions of HTC’s Windows Mobile smartphones.

“Since we launched Yahoo Go 2.0 less than two months ago, there has been strong demand from the Windows Mobile community to get this innovative service on their mobile devices,” said Marco Boerries, Yahoo’s senior VP of connected life, in a release. “By partnering with HTC to put Yahoo Go 2.0 on its mobile devices, we are bringing the true mobile Internet to an even broader audience around the world.”

“HTC is always seeking new ways to keep people connected to their community of friends and personalized content while mobile,” said Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO. “With high resolution displays and breakthrough designs, HTC’s products are the ideal platform for Yahoo! Go 2.0. We are pleased to offer users the ultimate Yahoo! Go 2.0 experience on our innovative devices.”

The deal expands Yahoo’s footprint in the mobile Internet services space, seemingly giving it a significant leg up on both Google and Microsoft. Yahoo has entered partnerships with Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and LG Electronics to put its services in the hands of mobile users; according to Yahoo, Yahoo Go operates on more than 175 mobile phones, more than 100 of which are available today. The deal with HTC could potentially expand Yahoo’s mobile base by millions of users.

Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.