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Your Samsung Galaxy Watch is getting new AI health features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, in black and silver.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Samsung has already put AI into your Galaxy smartphone, and its next move is to put it inside your Galaxy smartwatch too. The company will introduce Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy Watch range with the One UI 6 Watch update coming in the near future. The benefits all center around health and fitness.

Galaxy AI on wearables will also be part of the Samsung Health app, which is used to keep track of your health, fitness, sleep, and daily activity. What features will it include? At this stage, the company has detailed six key advancements using Galaxy AI in Samsung Health and One UI 6 Watch.

Perhaps the most notable is an Energy Score, which will use daily statistics from your sleep, activity, and heart rate to increase understanding of your current condition. It sounds a lot like the Readiness Score on the Oura Ring, or Garmin’s Body Battery, just with added AI smarts. Expect Galaxy AI to also help you improve through Wellness Tips, which apparently will provide insights into your condition, show motivational advice, and allow custom goals to be set up.

Three sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, sitting on top of a white display case.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Samsung improved its sleep tracking with the Galaxy Watch 6, and Galaxy AI will closely analyze heart and respiratory rate, plus movement and sleep latency, to help you achieve even better sleep over time. During workouts, Galaxy AI will provide a new Personalized Health Rate Zone with enhanced aerobic and anaerobic threshold data, the chance to combine exercises together for a personalized routine, and a Race mode to track progress against previous sessions when running or cycling.

Samsung states it will release One UI 6 Watch later this year, but a beta version will be made available to some Galaxy Watch owners in June. While Samsung is currently talking about Galaxy AI and One UI 6 Watch for its smartwatches, it’s highly likely that at least some of the new features will also apply to the forthcoming Galaxy Ring smart ring. If it’s to take on the Oura Ring, currently the best smart ring you can buy, Samsung knows it needs to push the app and data beyond what’s offered by it, and AI may help it do so.

There are no specific dates mentioned by Samsung about One UI 6 Watch or Galaxy AI for wearables. However, rumors point to a Galaxy Unpacked event taking place in July, and we may see the Galaxy Watch 7 range and the Galaxy Ring fully revealed there, and these new software features with them.

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