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YouTube update for Android includes picture-in-picture feature, new-look UI, and more

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Google has started rolling out a significant update to its YouTube app for Android users. First spotted by the folks at Android Police, the refreshed app comes with a slew of new features set to improve the user experience.

The headline feature of YouTube 5.0 has to be the new picture-in-picture functionality that allows you to multitask by minimizing the video you’re watching. Swipe down, press the down arrow in the top left or hit the back button and the video currently playing will be reduced to a small window at the bottom right of your screen.

So while it’s still playing in the corner, you can use the app as usual, doing searches, browsing and subscribing to channels, selecting new videos, and so forth. To bring a video back to full screen, simply tap the minimized picture or swipe toward the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can get rid of it by swiping to the left or right.

Not surprisingly, deeper Chromecast integration comes with the updated app, bringing, for example, a preview screen with various video-related information and the option to send it to your Chromecast-connected TV for immediate viewing or add it to your playlist for later.

The ability to search other users’ channels and watch selections from their playlists is part of the update, too. The revamp also includes a new-look user interface, bringing it in line with other Google services and tools. And hey, you even have a new logo to marvel at.

YouTube 5.0 is being rolled out now to Android users and is set to arrive on other mobile platforms in the not-too-distant future.

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