Zomm Pitches A Fit If You Leave Your Phone Behind

If you’re one of those people who is constantly leaving your phone behind at stores, restaurants, or friends’ houses—or on car dashboards, countertops, desks, or lavatory shelves—then the new Zomm wireless leash may be for you. The Zomm itself is the size of a small keyfob, and includes Bluetooth wireless technology. The idea is that you pair it with your Bluetooth-capable phone, then clip the Zomm on your keys or something else you’ll always have with you. If you walk out of range of your phone, the Zomm sounds an alarm to let you know.

Zomm (front)

“Mobile phones are packed full of personal information and confidential business communication, so losing one is a nightmare for most people,” said Zomm co-founder Henry Penix, in a statement. “My wife originally thought of Zomm to prevent our family from leaving our phones at restaurants or coffee shops. With the added features of call notification and personal security, it became a ‘must-have’ companion for every mobile phone we own.”

In addition to alerting users if they leave their phones behind, the Zomm also features call notification: the unit can flash lights, vibrate, and sound an alert for incoming calls even if your phone is out of sight. To answer those calls, just press a button on the Zomm and it functions like a duplex speakerphone with your phone—no fussing through bags or dashing through the house to answer calls. Users can also send calls directly to voicemail with the Zomm.

The Zomm also features a panic feature that can sound an alarm or call for emergency assistance “anywhere in the world” with just one button press. The unit uses a rechargeable (via microUSB) lithium-ion battery that runs for about three days.

The Zomm should be available in the second quarter of 2010, and (of course!) it’ll be on demo at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas—it’s already picked up a 2010 “Best of Innovations” award. No pricing information has been announced.

Zomm (back)