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The Daily Show sends out Jon Stewart with a bang, offering all episodes free for a month

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Comedy Central

Before Jon Stewart ends his reign as host of The Daily Show, Comedy Central will stream every episode of the groundbreaking political satire online — free. The network has announced “Your Month of Zen,” a continuous free stream of Stuart’s nearly 2,000 episodes beginning today and lasting until 7:17 pm ET on Aug. 6, finishing with his final episode on the show.

“Your Month of Zen” will celebrate Stuart’s tenure on the show, including nearly 16 years worth of informing viewers through engaging commentary and prying interviews, along with many, many jokes. You’ll be able to dig back to the early days, with a long run of former Daily Show correspondents including Stephen Colbert, Robb Riggle, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and many more, before they jumped ship for other projects. The stream will be available both on a dedicated website as well as through the main Comedy Central App.

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Viewers will have all of July to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and reminisce on its illustrious past, and there will be even more Stewart as the show winds down in August: Comedy Central Radio on SiriusXM will host a nonstop audio stream of the show from from Aug. 1-3.

Comedy Central also has a one-hour special called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: News Your Own Adventure lined up for August 2 at 9 p.m. The Daily Show correspondents Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj, and Jessica Williams host the special, which will show fan-favorite segments from Stewart’s time behind the anchor desk.

When Stewart announced he was leaving the Emmy Award-winning show in February, he noted that he may return to the show as a correspondent in the future, which would certainly be an interesting twist of role reversal if it were to happen.

South African comedian and actor Trevor Noah, who has been a Daily Show correspondent himself, will take over on September 28. Stewart officially ends his run as your nightly news critic on August 6.

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