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Darth Vader would not be pleased with these dancing Stormtroopers

Boogie Storm make Simon’s dream come true! | Auditions Week 5 | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
Stormtroopers are good at marching, but if this amazing dance troupe is anything to go by, there are one or two who’re hiding some more energetic talents under their white and black helmets. Taking a day off from policing the galaxy for the Empire, a team of six Stormtroopers took U.K. talent show Britain’s Got Talent by, um, storm over the weekend with a supercharged dance routine that would have been tough even for those not dressed in armor.

Just two Stormtroopers first stood on the stage in front of the team of judges led by Simon Cowell, but were soon joined by four other troopers, as the Imperial March boomed out over the sound system. The classic piece was soon replaced by a medley of modern dance tracks, including Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a ring on it), Over Getting Over by Fleur East, and even Psy’s Gangnam Style.

The team of Stormtroopers never said a word and never take off their helmets before, during, or after their performance, leaving the judges surprised and confused by what they’d seen. Cowell, in almost the same way, didn’t wait for any discussion on the group’s merits, and made the decision to advance the dancing Stormtroopers, known as Boogie Storm, through to the next round without a word.

What the future holds for the Stormtroopers remains to be seen, but after last year’s show was won by a performing dog and her trainer, anything could happen. The show is about to enter the semi-final stage, where the troupe will face other acts already put through.

We doubt this was a Galactic Empire-sanctioned appearance, or that commanding officers will be very amused, but the crowd loved it. It’s also evidence that in a galaxy far, far away, Stormtroopers are spending their downtime learning some pretty fancy moves. That may explain why they’re all such terrible shots.

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