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Broad City Season 3 gets plot details, release date

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While Comedy Central’s Broad City has just two seasons under its belt, mischievous gal pals Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have already gotten into a lifetime’s worth of trouble. That said, their off-beat brand of hi-jinks isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Independent reports that Comedy Central has announced a return date for Season 3 (Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 10:00 pm EST) and has offered a quick preview of what’s in store for the upcoming campaign.

Broad City season three brings ten new episodes that will see Abbi and Ilana dealing with a slew of everyday challenges and adventures as they live their lives in New York City, including a trip to the DMV, a rat in their apartment, clubbing excursions, new job responsibilities, a visit to Abbi’s dad, and new hook-ups.”

The first two seasons were also ten episodes each, so no change there, and the sort of misadventures that Comedy Central promises in Season 3 are pretty much par for the Broad City course as well. We’re particularly interested to see how the pair’s visit to Abbi’s dad will play out, as Ilana’s mom Bobbi (Susie Essman) is already one of the most entertaining minor characters in the series. Go back and watch her haggle for knockoff designer bags on Canal St. for confirmation.

We haven’t seen any trailers for the new season yet, but Abbi and Illana have stayed fairly busy with the show on hiatus, recording several quick skits for a companion Web series entitled Hack Into Broad City. Among the 1-3 minute shorts are episodes like Yom Kippur, Body Dysmorphia, and Illana Hates Gum.

In addition to the Broad City announcement, Comedy Central also revealed the release date for Workaholics Season 6 (January 14, 2016), and announced two new series: Idiotsitter and Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser.

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