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Nicholas Hoult puts the pedal to the metal in the latest trailer for ‘Collide’

It seems that Nicholas Hoult has been typecast as a “guy who likes to drive fast.” The Mad Max: Fury Road star will soon burn a substantial amount of rubber in yet another adrenaline-fueled cinematic ride.

The trailer for the upcoming Collide hit Yahoo Movies  on Tuesday. In it, Hoult is fleeing a mob boss named Hagen (Anthony Hopkins) that he crossed while trying to fund his longtime girlfriend’s medical procedure. But here’s the twist: This high-speed chase takes places on the infamous Autobahn, Germany’s high-speed highway that — for the most part — allows drivers to travel as fast as their rusted metallic hearts desire. We imagine the elevator pitch for this one went something like this: “Imagine the movie Speed — but on the Autobahn.”

We’re not sure about Kingsley’s eccentric and deliberately over-the-top take on a crime boss, but damned if Anthony Hopkins doesn’t have the whole “chillingly terrifying villain” thing down pat. Combined with Hoult’s magnetism and the ’90s-style action plot, this could make for a fun popcorn flick. Of course, it could also make for a very forgettable one.

Director Eran Creevy is one for two thus far, with his 2008 debut, Shifty, garnering rave reviews, while his 2013 follow-up, Welcome to the Punch, mostly underwhelmed critics. For better or for worse, Collide will break the tie for this young helmer, but it’s the presence of another young star that makes this film intriguing.

Hoult has been a busy man of late and is currently filming Rebel in the Rye, in which he plays the famously reclusive author J.D. Salinger. He is, without a doubt, one of Hollywood’s most exciting young talents and it will be interesting to see if this is just a throwaway action flick, or if its strong cast can help give it some emotional gravitas.

Collide also stars Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), Nadia Hilker (Allegiant), and Clemens Schick (Point Break). The film hits theaters August 19.

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