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Conversations With Friends trailer previews a messy affair

Next month, Hulu and BBC Three are unveiling their new adaptation of Sally Rooney’s debut novel, Conversations With Friends. The story is about a former couple, Frances and Bobbi, and their new friends, Melissa and Nick. It’s also about the affair that may tear all of them apart.

Conversations With Friends Exclusive First Look l BBC Three

BBC Three has released a new preview video that shows Frances, Bobbi, and Melissa enjoying a swim together before going to Melissa’s home for dinner. From there, Frances finds herself alone when she meets Melissa’s husband, Nick. There’s nothing here that suggests Frances and Nick will soon betray their bonds with their current and former partners. And yet it’s inevitable.

Fortunately, there’s also a new trailer for the miniseries that sheds further light on Frances and Nick’s motivations. According to Nick, his marriage to Melissa has survived several previous affairs. But this is the first time that he has been in an affair. It’s also broadly hinted that Melissa is bisexual, as she openly flirts with Bobbi, who seems to share a mutual attraction with her. But this situation can’t be solved simply by switching romantic partners.

Frances also spells out the fact that her feelings for Nick are deeper than his feelings for her. And that’s a recipe for a broken heart. Possibly more than one.

Conversations with Friends | Official Trailer | Hulu

Alison Oliver stars as Frances, with Sasha Lane as Bobbi Connolly, Joe Alwyn as Nick Conway, and Jemima Kirke as Melissa Conway.

The cast of Conversations With Friends.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lenny Abrahamson (Room) and Leanne Welham directed the miniseries from scripts by Alice Birch, Mark O’Halloran, Meadhbh McHugh, and Susan Soon He Stanton. Conversations With Friends will premiere on Hulu on May 15. The miniseries will run for 12 episodes.

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