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Daniel Day-Lewis in talks to reteam with Paul Thomas Anderson for fashion film

Unlike many actors, Daniel Day-Lewis is very picky about his projects, having played just seven roles in the last 23 years. This is likely due to the fact that he doesn’t so much act as transform into other human beings, which takes a fair bit of time and energy. Fortunately, the thespian seems to have decided who he wants to assume the identity of next, as Variety reports that he’s in talks to reteam with his There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson on an upcoming project.

Somewhat surprisingly, the project is reportedly a period drama centering around the New York City fashion scene circa 1950-something. Of course, both have tackled a wide array of subjects in their careers and, really, the only common thread in either man’s resume is that they make excellent movie — almost exclusively.

For now, this project is untitled and the plot is still very much under wraps, but who needs trailers, posters, synopsis, etc., when you’ve got Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson?

The three-time Oscar-winning actor has reportedly been “loosely attached” to this film for quite some time, and it sounds as if he’s very likely to be the leading man when — and if — it makes it to the big screen. As for who might co-star, all we know is that several young actresses of Eastern European descent have read for supporting roles.

Since his last film — Lincoln in 2012 — Day-Lewis has taken an even longer sabbatical than usual and plenty of fans are itching to seem him return to the big screen. Anderson, on the other hand, has been fairly busy in recent years, tackling music videos and shorts in addition to feature films like The Master (2012) and Inherent Vice (2014).

We wonder how Day-Lewis fills the hours between projects. We imagine him hibernating somewhere until he sees the silhouette of an Oscar projected in the night sky.

As for the film in question, we’ll keep you updated as news breaks.

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