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Hide your wallet: Disney selling spot-on re-creations of Star Wars props

Star Wars superfans with a little extra dough lying around may now have the perfect way to spend it. Disney and Lucasfilm have announced a new series of replica movie props from The Force Awakens, created in partnership with the Propshop at Pinewood Studios in the U.K.

The new line of items will be called Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition, and will feature perfectly re-created props that have been 3D-scanned using the real on-screen versions. To create the new line of replicas, real props from The Force Awakens were analyzed and reprinted by the studio, then hand-painted by Pinewood Studios Propshop artists to match the originals — identical scratches and all.

Props included in this new series include Kylo Ren’s mask and saber, Po Dameron and Finn’s helmets (with the latter sporting the now-famed bloody handprint), and the piece de resistance: A perfect model of Darth Vader’s melted mask.

But all that perfection will cost a pretty penny. Collectibles in the series will set fans back $1,250 to $3,500, though some enthusiasts will surely be enticed due to how extremely limited they are — the Vader helmet and stormtrooper mask will only be sold 500 times each worldwide.

“These made-to-order replicas will come with custom display pedestals, packed in branded wooden crates that are inspired by the real crates used to ship the film props. Each one is custom built to accommodate the shape of the replica inside,” read a press release about the props.

For its part, Propshop CEO James Enright said his company is extremely proud of the handmade re-creations. “We’ve worked extremely hard to create something that we know would make fans and filmmakers proud,” he said.

The creations are currently available for order on the Star Wars website, and will likely not stick around for long, given the number of rabid fans in our galaxy.

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