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Finding Nemo meets Land Before Time in the new trailer for Disney’s The Good Dinosaur

Disney/Pixar have released the second trailer for the studios’ upcoming Thanksgiving film, The Good Dinosaur, a grand-scale computer animated film that centers on the story of a lost dinosaur named Arlo and his pet cavehuman Spot, who are on an adventure to find Arlo’s lost family.

The new trailer begins with a big question: “What if the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs missed?”

A big question that, if Disney/Pixar’s depiction is correct, ends up with dinosaurs developing the ability to talk, and humans acting a bit like dogs — sometimes literally named Spot.

The second glimpse at this new world offers more of the same slow, soaring shots that viewers enjoyed in the first preview from earlier this year, along with even more footage, and a lot more audio context. We get to find out how our hero, Arlo gets separated from his family, and see more of his journey to get back home.

Stars Raymond Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright, Steve Zahn, A.J. Buckley, Anna Paquin, and Sam Elliott can be heard throughout the two and half minute video, offering a more in-depth impression the vibe of the film.

Given a new brush with some story context, The Good Dinosaur appears to be a nice mix of other successful animated films. It feels a little like a mishmash of Ice AgeFinding Nemo, and The Land Before Time. As far as winning combinations go, that’s a pretty good one, and given the studios at the helm it’s hard to see the film hitting anywhere but dead center.

Teasing moments of melancholy with funny physical comedy, and a portrayal of dinosaurs that doesn’t fit the usual mold, The Good Dinosaur appears to be firing on all of the cylinders that viewers normally expect from Pixar and Disney. This time, that combination comes from longtime animator, but first-time feature director Peter Sohn.

Sohn knows his way around the genre, having worked as an animator, story artist, and/or production artist on The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. He also directed Pixar’s 2009 short Partly Cloudy. In fact, the outgoing Boy Scout Russell from Pixar’s Up was actually molded after him.

Given that pedigree, a couple great trailers, and the studios involved, it’s a good bet that the film will be a hit this holiday season. The Good Dinosaur hits theaters November 25.

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