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Watch: Fans create a perfect Lego remake of the Rogue One trailer

Thanks to a a group called the Animators Collective, Star Wars nerds now have a new way to view the world of upcoming prequel film Rogue One: In Lego.

A group of animators and Lego fans, the Animators Collective created a shot-for-shot remake of the almost two-minute trailer, matching every minute detail they could in tiny plastic bricks — right down to the lettering.

It’s an impressive effort, especially given the outfit’s time frame. The original Rogue One trailer came out on April 7, and the Lego trailer was released on Star Wars Day (May 4), meaning the skilled fans had a very short window to complete their version if they wanted to do it in time for the holiday.

“The following was animated in under three weeks by an incredible team,” reads a title card before the clip begins.

The Lego trailer blends masterful brick work and artful cinematography, and they even got the flames and lens flare perfectly on cue with the original live-action trailer. For a better idea of just how perfect the shot-for-shot remake is, we recommend checking out the Animators Collective’s smaller side-by-side video.

The animators also released a cool behind the scenes video on their website, where fans can see how visual effects were added to the Lego scenes to blend them better with the original.

Rogue One will take place before the timeline of the original Star Wars trilogy, and will tell the story of a group of rebels who stole the original plans for the death star — allowing the rebels to eventually destroy it.

The much-anticipated first spinoff film in the franchise will hit theaters December 16 in the United States. And with more trailers yet to come, we can only hope that we get those in Lego, too.

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