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Fuller House furor is real: Over 10 million views make it Netflix’s most popular trailer

Absence apparently does make the heart grow fonder. Nearly 20 years after the series finale of Full House, the sitcom’s sequel series, Fuller House, has been building up an impressive amount of buzz. Its trailer, released on December 17, has already become Netflix’s most popular YouTube video, racking up over 10 million views in less than a week.

In its first day, the trailer garnered over 5.5 million YouTube views, according to Variety. The number climbed steadily, shortly surpassing all of the Netflix channel’s other videos, including the Orange Is the New Black season 2 preview, the former most viewed video, with over 9.57 million views since April 2014. This bodes well for Netflix, which undoubtedly hopes to convert these trailer viewers into loyal watchers of the show.

Not surprisingly, the trailer’s popularity has extended to Facebook as well, where it has amassed over 949,000 views on Netflix’s page, and around 640,000 on the Fuller House page. Interactions have also been noteworthy; the two pages’ posts combined have amassed over 46,000 likes and 55,000 shares.

Interestingly, the preview itself isn’t overly eventful. While it does bring viewers back to the iconic San Francisco house (or a good replica of it), where we watched so many years of entertainment unfold, none of the characters actually appear onscreen. Nostalgia, however, is dialed up to the max. For example, there’s a shining moment in which Dave Coulier’s Uncle Joey can be heard using his trademark phrase, “Cut. It. Out.”

Based on the response so far, Fuller House seems to have struck a chord. We expect the Tanner family (well, those that aren’t busy in New York building a fashion empire) to get a warm welcome when they return to the screen to help DJ, played by Candace Cameron Bure, as she adjusts to widowhood. Jodie Sweetin returns as Stephanie, along with Andrea Barber (Kimmy), with John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Coulier, Bob Saget (Danny), and more returning as guest stars.

The hope has continued, with the Fuller House Twitter account recently posting a video of the series’ stars dancing to get fans ready.

Fuller House is set to premiere on February 26, 2016.

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