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Season 2 trailer for ‘Fuller House’ promises more of the same

Fuller House | Official Trailer - Season 2 [HD] | Netflix
Just as we wrap up the Halloween festivities, Netflix is taking the opportunity to get viewers excited with a holiday-themed trailer for the second season of Fuller House, its revival of popular ‘80s and ‘90s sitcom Full House.

Judging from the two-minute trailer, season 2 will serve up much of the same, with plenty of cheesiness, laugh-track-worthy one-liners, and throwbacks to the ‘80s and ‘90s. It will deal with DJ Tanner’s (Candice Cameron-Bure) love triangle cliffhanger from season 1, and some new potential love interests for Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), including Kimmy Gibbler’s (Andrea Barber) younger brother.

Forbes called the first season “the ultimate form of nostalgia-bait,” and that hasn’t changed, as evidenced by at least one set of guest stars this season: ‘80s/‘90s boy band New Kids on the Block.

Many other original cast members (no, still not the Olsen Twins) will be back as we catch glimpses of dad Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) desperately trying to be hip, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Rebecca (John Stamos and Lori Loughlin) engaging in their usual public displays of affection, and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) still being, well, Uncle Joey. Interestingly, the trailer barely shows Max (Elias Harger), the clever, hilarious, and wise-beyond-his-years middle son who stole many a scene in the first season.

The second season of Fuller House will begin streaming on Netflix on December 9. Jeff Franklin, who created the original series Full House, shopped a sequel for 10 years before Netflix finally saw nostalgia magic and decided to make it happen. It’ll be interesting to see if the nostalgia has worn off or if subscribers will continue to tune in. After all, there’s only so much “how rude,” “have mercy,” and “cut it out” we can take. Or is there? The original series did air for eight seasons, after all.

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