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Halle Berry fights to rescue her abducted son in new action-packed ‘Kidnap’ trailer

Halle Berry will go to any lengths to save her son in the first trailer for Kidnap. The preview, released today by Relativity Media, is an intense, action-packed look at Berry’s character’s attempt to stop the people who abducted her child.

The trailer starts off with an everyday mother-son outing, complete with a game of Marco Polo at the park. However, Berry soon starts to worry when her son (played by Sage Correa) stops answering. She gets increasingly frantic as she tries to find him, and then her worst fears are realized when she spots a stranger pulling him into their car.

From that point on, the intensity is dialed way up. Berry’s character proves herself willing to do anything, from grabbing onto a moving car to driving backwards on the freeway. She may own a minivan, but she is a woman who won’t be stopped, even if she has to dump a person out of her moving vehicle, cause car wrecks, wield weapons, or dodge bullets.

At one point, Berry’s character goes to the police, but after being told to “wait” so they can file a report, she sees all the missing child posters on the wall and refuses. “That’s what all these people did,” she says. “They waited.”

From there, it is right back to the action. Berry somehow manages to relocate the kidnapper’s car and goes careening after it.

“Let me tell you something: As long as my son is in that car, I will not stop,” we hear her say in voiceover. “Wherever you go, I will be right behind you. You took the wrong kid.”

The action thriller is directed by Luis Prieto and the script was written by Knate Gwaltney. Kidnap hits theaters on December 2.

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