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Send a raven: (Spoiler Alert) Jon Snow lives!

Reports of Jon Snow’s death have been greatly exaggerated. That’s right, King Crow, The Bastard of Winterfell, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, is alive and (apparently) well. As reported by Screen Crush, a photo (below) from the set of Game of Thrones’ sixth season shows Snow looking hale and hearty and — while we’ve known for months that he was only mostly dead (which isn’t the same as all dead) — seeing is believing.

Actor Kit Harington had previously been spotted in Belfast, one of GoT’s filming locales, and even confirmed in interviews that the show was a part of his future and not just his past, but concrete evidence is concrete evidence.

How he managed to survive a barrage of stab wounds remains to be seen but this isn’t just a flashback. In the photo, Jon carries Long Claw in his sheath, which is of course the sword given to him by Lord Commander Mormont of the Night’s Watch. He also appears to be wearing armor fashioned after Ned Stark’s fatigues … the plot thickens.

We’ll have to wait and see how the character factors in going forward. Rumor has it that he’s headed for a massive battle with the Umbers, Boltons, and plenty more in a shoot that may just be the largest in the series’ history.

In other GOT news, Max von Sydow has been cast as the Three-Eyed Raven, and former Deadwood antihero Ian McShane will also appear in season six. The former is also a member of the Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens cast, making him a part of the biggest big-screen and small screen franchises going. He’ll be taking over for Struan Rodger who portrayed the Three-Eyed Raven briefly in season four.

The photo of Harrington as Snow comes just days after fans got an unsanctioned, spoilerific look at Daenerys Targaryen on set in Spain. If you like surprises, you might want to just stay away from the internet until season six debuts in April of 2016.

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