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Jon Stewart stages mini comeback, takes over Colbert's 'Late Show' desk

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk
There’s a cruel irony in the fact that Jon Stewart retired just as perhaps the wackiest, most drama-filled election cycle in history was heating up. That said, the erstwhile Daily Show host has been popping up here and there lately, and it appears that this is all too juicy to ignore.

Earlier this week, Late Show host and longtime Stewart compadre Stephen Colbert went to retrieve him from a cabin in the woods (below), where he was living in isolation and blissful ignorance. Then, yesterday, he took his rightful place in front of the camera once again (above). Taking over Colbert’s coverage of the recent Republican National Convention while the host hid beneath his desk, Stewart delivered a dose of good ol’ fashioned, Daily Show-style comedic vitriol, which it seemed like he’d been saving up for quite some time.

Of course, Stewart didn’t exactly come dressed for the occasion, but Colbert quickly remedied that, slipping a blazer over his gray T-shirt and attaching a clip-on tie to his collar. This done, the former king of political satire looked presentable enough to deliver his screed. “But where was Colbert during all of this?” you might ask. Well, the host was gracious enough to stash himself under the desk for a few moments and let his pal have the limelight.

While plenty of folks out there disagree with Stewart’s positions, his appearance was a reminder that — though the world of politics can get ugly, depressing, frustrating, etc. — laughter is always the best antidote.

If these appearances have you wondering about the possibility of a comeback, you’re not alone, but Stewart hasn’t given any indication that he’s willing to come out of retirement. Politicians: You can rest easy — for now.

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