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Watch: Dolph Lundgren takes over for Arnold in Kindergarten Cop 2

Kindergarten Cop 2 won’t have Arnold Schwarzenegger or a theatrical release, but the direct-to-video movie will still feature a recognizable action star and stay close to the original comedy’s entertaining premise. In a new trailer, we see Dolph Lundgren play an FBI agent who is completely out of his element when he is sent to go undercover as a kindergarten teacher.

Lundgren’s character, Agent Reed, ends up with his teaching assignment after sensitive data goes missing that he needs to recover. He’ll find multiple challenges along the way, from managing the liberal school environment to coping with a wild bunch of kids. The little ones do look pretty out of control; in fact, one boy can even be seen peeing in a trash can during the trailer, so it’s hard to blame Agent Reed for describing them as “little monsters.”

Kindergarten Cop 2 comes more than 25 years after the original. The first, which stars Schwarzenegger as a police detective trying to catch a drug dealer, was released in 1990. Like his fellow actor, Lundgren is the prototypical action hero, having starred in films like Rocky IVMasters of the Universe, multiple installments in the Expendables series, and more. With the comedy centering a tough guy meeting his match in a group of little kids, Lundgren is ideal for the role.

While Kindergarten 2 joins a number of direct-to-video movies that the Swedish actor has starred in recently, he’ll return to the big screen again soon. Not only did Lundgren have a cameo in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar!, he’ll appear in The Expendables 4 when it releases in 2017, among others.

Kindergarten Cop 2 was directed by Don Michael Paul (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire) and co-stars Bill Bellamy (White Collar). The movie will be available on DVD and Digital HD on May 17.

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