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Oh, Al! Katey Sagal says she’d be down for a Married With Children revival

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There’s been plenty of talk recently of reboots, revivals, and sequels to the popular ’80s/‘90s sitcom Married With Children. But will it actually happen? It seems we might be one step closer as Katey Sagal is down to reprise her role as the high-heeled, big-haired anti-housewife and mother Peggy Bundy in a possible revival, reports Cinemablend.

Naturally, the one person that seems to be lobbying hardest for a revival series is David Faustino, the only actor in the main cast that did not remain in the public eye with high-profile projects. Katey Sagal, of course, has had plenty of work since then, most recently appearing as the evil matriarch of the motorcycle club, Gemma Teller Morrow, in FX’s Sons of Anarchy. She’ll also be starring in her husband (and Sons of Anarchy creator) Kurt Sutter’s latest project, the TV series The Bastard Executioner.

Ed O’Neill, meanwhile, has moved on to become the patriarch of ABC’s Modern Family. — a show featuring a family that’s about as far from the Bundys as you can get. And Christina Applegate, continues to enjoy a lucrative career in both TV and movies, most recently appearing in the sequel to the popular National Lampoon Vacation movies, aptly named Vacation.

Faustino has had an inkling of success of late, voicing a character in animated TV series The Legend of Korra, and starring in the Real Husbands of Hollywood. But it seems he can’t quite shake being viewed as Bud Bundy. So why not capitalize on that?

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Chances are slim that any of the three other actors would appear as main cast members in a sequel or revival. That said, it appears that all three would absolutely be game in supporting Faustino in a new series, possibly centered around his character of Bud.

Sagal officially voiced her support at the Television Critics Associatino (TCA) press event, saying that when Faustino approached her, she said “Anything, absolutely,” and hinted that O’Neill and Applegate would be on board, too. If that was the boost Faustino needed to get the ball rolling with Fox – which originally aired the series – we may just see the family’s return.

Eighteen years have passed since Married With Children was last on the air, but time hasn’t stopped the reboots, revivals, and sequels coming for a bevvy of other TV sitcoms. Full House is perhaps the most publicized one of late from the same era – the sequel series Fuller House will be available on Netflix next year, centering around the life of eldest daughter DJ Tanner (Candice Cameron-Bure.) If people want to see what the level-headed, innocent DJ is up to these days, chances are they’ll be just as interested to see if anything ever really came of the goofy Bud, who had to struggle with his seriously oddball family.

That said, fans would probably be far more interested in seeing Katey Sagal don those super-tight tights, cinched belt and the iconic red poofy wig once again. And how awesome would it be to see the wealthy father from Modern Family park his butt on that tacky couch once again, eating Tang sandwiches with his hand down his pants as he reflects on his old football days by watching the game? It would certainly be an interesting return in today’s extremely different TV landscape.

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