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This Marvel Comics legend will say goodbye to the Big Apple at New York Comic Con 2016

Audi S8 Stan Lee Avengers Commercial
There likely wouldn’t be a Comic Con if it weren’t for Stan Lee, the man recognized as the father of modern Marvel comics. There probably wouldn’t be a Marvel Cinematic Universe either, as characters like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man would never have existed without him.

That said, the 93-year-old comics industry icon is no spring chicken and his breakneck appearance schedule is finally starting to slow down. According to ScreenRant, New York Comic Con 2016 will mark Lee’s final appearance at the event, as he will look to stick to events closer to his California home.

While this is certainly significant news for fans of all things Comic Con, it is certainly not surprising. In fact, the idea that a man in his 90s ever had the energy for the convention circuit in the first place is probably the most impressive thing about this story.

If this news has you concerned about Lee’s health, don’t fret. It doesn’t sound as if this decision was in response to a particular medical issue. The former president and chairman of Marvel Comics has admitted that his hearing and eyesight are failing, but that’s an issue that plenty of men half his age can relate to. Aside from that, it sounds like this industry legend is just looking to indulge in some hard-earned R&R, and we don’t begrudge him that for a second.

So if you’re an East Coast resident, and you’ve been looking to shake hands with the man responsible for some of your favorite superheros, you may want to cancel whatever plans you had for October 6-9. That’s when New York Comic Con 2016 will invade the Javits Center in Manhattan and when the legendary Stan Lee will take his final bow at this Big Apple event

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