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USA drops a short horror film from a ‘Mr. Robot’ season 2 scene

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Mr. Robot season 2, episode 4, init1.asec, has come with a fun surprise: After a scene included a fictional horror movie, USA today released its roughly 8-minute beginning. Called The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, the short was written and directed by writer and producer Adam Penn, EW reports.

Reminiscent of the campy slasher flicks of the ’80s, the clip features two more-or-less clueless siblings who are eager to impress their friends with a New Year’s party. As they sit together outside their mansion worrying about things like cocaine and champagne, the brother dons an “un-chic” mask. Any Mr. Robot fan, of course, would recognize it as fscoiety’s mask.

By the time the murderer does finally make his appearance, he has creepily picked up and put on the mask. His first kill is pretty quick, but by the time he goes after his second victim, the video gets pretty brutal. There are only so many attacks you can fit in such a short video, of course, but the film still manages to squeeze in one more — complete with a flash of gratuitous nudity. It is an ’80s throwback, indeed.

A snippet from the film was used in the episode 4 scene — mild spoiler ahead — in which Elliot (played by Rami Malek) and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) watched the fictional movie together. Apparently, it was a favorite from their childhood, which of course is made interesting by the fact that the killer’s mask looks the same as fsociety’s. The video seems to draw a parallel between the hacker group and the film’s villain, who is identified as the siblings’ uncle Conrad, a man who had killed himself after losing the family business. A case could also be made comparing Elliot and Darlene to the siblings, which is ominous considering that they both fall victim to their uncle.

It is hard to say just how closely we should read into this — perhaps the clip is just meant to entertain, or perhaps it contains hints of fsociety’s past and/or future. You can decide for yourself: The clip is available online. Be warned, however, that it is gory and includes brief nudity.

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