The second ‘Baywatch’ trailer is all about the action and slow-mo running

Gorgeous shots of the ocean, slow-motion running on the beach, and lifeguards teaming up to stop nefarious activity — they all add up to a new Baywatch movie preview. Paramount Pictures unveiled the second official trailer Wednesday, and it shows off many of the memorable hallmarks of the hit 1980s/’90s TV series.

Like its predecessor, the Baywatch movie follows a group of lifeguards who do more than just make sure beachgoers apply their sunscreen and swim safely. Led by Mitch (played by Dwayne Johnson), this group gets involved in more dangerous matters, including looking into the drugs and dead body that have shown up on their beach. As we can see in the preview, the job takes a unique skill set; you should be able to carry refrigerators, hold your own on a jet ski, face danger, and, of course, look great in slow-mo.

There is a lot of overlap with the first trailer, but the second shows off more of the film’s comedic moments. For example, when Mitch sees a sandcastle version of himself, he demands that the builder make his pecs a little bigger and reveal his “front bump.” There’s also a ridiculous scene where Mitch, Matt (Zac Efron), and Summer (Alexandra Daddario) are trying to gather information in the morgue, and they end up hiding among the bodies while “dead man’s fat” drips on Matt’s face. (It’s as gross as it sounds.)

In the midst of the humor and intense action, the latest trailer gives fans of the TV series another chance to see the new iteration of the original’s iconic characters. Along with Mitch, Matt, and Summer, the rebooted Baywatch lifeguard gang includes C.J. (Kelly Rohrbach), Stephanie (Ilfenesh Hadera), and Garner (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). The cast also includes Priyanka Chopra, Jon Bass, and Hannibal Buress.

Baywatch, which is directed by Seth Gordon, hits theaters on May 26.