Order pizza on your smart TV with the new app from Domino’s

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Ordering pizza has never been a Herculean task, but Domino’s is on a mission to make it easier than ever. Today, the pie chain unveiled an app for Samsung Smart TVs, marking a new addition to the ever-growing list of Domino’s AnyWare apps.

The app is basic — you can reorder past orders, and that’s it. But if there’s a draw, it’s convenience. Conspicuously timed to launch during the NCAA men’s basketball semifinals and finals, the app seems well-suited for sports watching — you can pull up the pizza selection screen alongside the big game to order without missing a play.

Domino’s intentions here are clear: be everywhere its customers are. “One nice thing about moving this capability to TVs is that they’re in every household, and a lot of technology is embedded in them,” Vice President of Multi-Media Marketing for Domino’s Dennis Maloney told Forbes. “We just keep continuing to add to our platform so that anyone can order, anyhow, anywhere.” And there’s an economic piece, too: online orders are more efficient and tend to be larger than their phone-in equivalent, according to Forbes.

There’s no denying the digital-first strategy has helped propel the company to profit- Domino’s pocketed $643 million in Q4 2014, 13% higher than the corresponding quarter a year ago.  “We think it’s one of the fronts that will enhance our loyalty,” CFO Michael Lawton said in a meeting with shareholders. Retention is especially important during the last weekend of March Madness, when the chain expects to sell more than 1.7 million pizzas nationwide. Convincing even a few of those customers to order again would obviously boost Domino’s bottom line.

So, want to try it yourself? You’ll have to set up and use a Domino’s profile on another device first, and the app requires a 2013 or newer Samsung Smart TV. Otherwise, enjoy this era of untold amenity and have at it.