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6 things you need to know before Servant season 4

M. Night Shyamalan brought his unique style of psychological horror to the small screen with Apple TV+’s Servant, and the series quickly became one of the most exciting entries in the streaming service’s inaugural lineup in 2019.

Now, with three seasons under its belt, Servant is set to premiere its fourth and final season on January 13, with new episodes of the nail-biting thriller premiering weekly through mid-March. It’s been almost a year since season 3 debuted, so it’s a good time for a refresher. Here are a few things you should remember from season 3 before tuning in to the upcoming new episodes of Servant.

Dorothy looking at something, Sean and Julian in the background in Servant on Apple TV+.

Dorothy is severely injured

In the final episode of season 3, Dorothy suggested she was forgiving and accepting of Leanne and ready to continue life — even excited about the prospect of a new job as an anchor (though she wrongfully assumed she’d even be considered for it). In a shocking turn of events, however, Dorothy tried to flee the home in the middle of the night with Jericho. She was caught by Leanne and Sean before she could leave.

As they confronted her, a termite infestation that weakened the banister led her to fall from the top floor of the home, with Leanne grabbing baby Jericho just in time to save him. Dorothy was left lying on the lower-level floor, severely injured but still breathing as the others looked down, horrified, with Leanne clutching baby Jericho in her arms. Dorothy shattered her back on the railings, which suggests life might look much different in the new season should she manage to survive.

Uncle George from Servant on Apple TV+ with blood on his forehead, looking dirty and disheveled.

Uncle George is still alive

Despite being seemingly run over and killed by a car after trying to confront and kill Leanne (he later decided not to do it), the mysterious and creepy cult leader known as Uncle George is revealed in the final episode to still be alive. He talked with Roscoe, who appears to be still under the cult’s spell following his earlier abduction and is secretly working to get close to Leanne on their behalf.

George told the young man that Dorothy and Sean’s home was “rotting” and full of parasites, and ominously suggested that it was time for “the end.” It’s clear he will continue to be an antagonist in season 4. The end to which he refers is likely what will play out to bring the story to a close.

The family surrounding Dorothy along with a doctor in an image from Servant season 3 on Apple TV+.

Dorothy’s father had her evaluated

Believing that her family would be on her side, Dorothy commissioned her father’s help in having Leanne evaluated, thinking this would finally prove to others that Leanne is troubled and trying to steal “her” child, Jericho. This is fueled by deep concern when she finds drawings in Leanne’s room of the young girl whipping herself, with drops of blood on the paper that might suggest self-harm.

But in the end of the penultimate episode, it is revealed that Dorothy’s father, Frank, sent a doctor to evaluate her sanity, not Leanne’s. As Leanne continued to manipulate the others, shifting the doctor’s attention to Dorothy’s delusions, the doctor prescribed medication to Dorothy. He hoped this would help her deal with the trauma and mental health issues she has been experiencing since Jericho’s death.

She still remains completely in the dark about what truly happened, having suppressed the awful memory of that time. Dorothy, naturally, is distraught that her plan backfired. It’s this moment that convinces Dorothy to set in motion her big plan for escape.

Julian sitting at the dinner table on Servant, flowers and a candle in the foreground.

Leanne and Julian began a sexual relationship

Leanne continued to weasel her way into the family, captivating Julian and tempting him to begin a sexual relationship with her. Despite Dorothy discovering this and urging her brother to put an end to the trysts, the two continued to meet in secret. Dorothy witnessed one of their intimate encounters on the home’s security camera, which further fueled her hatred of Leanne and convinced her to investigate further about the young woman.

Dorothy wanted to get to the bottom of who Leanne is and what she really wants with “her” baby. The relationship between Leanne and Julian shows how Leanne is able to have a hold on everyone around her, all of whom can’t help but both loathe and love her.

The family from Servant looking shocked at the TV screen.

Leanne had Isabelle killed

Isabelle was a young reporter who worked with Dorothy at the station, and someone Dorothy clearly felt threatened by. Isabelle eventually replaced Dorothy as the key reporter for Channel 8 news. The curious investigative reporter is one of the few people outside of the family who figured out what truly happened and suspected that Jericho might not be who Dorothy says (or thinks) he is.

But before she could continue with an investigation, she was shot and killed by a stray bullet while on the scene of a police standoff. Leanne’s sly smile while the family watched this tragedy unfold on live TV suggested she had something to do with the death. Leanne later told Dorothy, who suspected as much, that Isabelle wanted to hurt her, all but confirming that she was behind the murder. This suggests a darker side to Leanne and a fierce dedication to protecting the truth from getting out into the world.

Leanne from Servant wearing a black hooded jacket, eyes closed facing up to the sky.

Dorothy tried to have Leanne sent away

In an obvious attempt to have Leanne sent away, Dorothy signed her up for a dance school that would take the young woman away from the family for several months. She positioned this as trying to be helpful and encourage Leanne to pursue a clear passion. But right before leaving, Dorothy saw Jericho replaced by a childlike doll in his crib, leading her to run frantically around the home with Sean, following the cries of a real baby, trying to find “her” son.

When she confronted Leanne, the seemingly clueless young woman suggested Jericho had been in his crib the whole time, which he had indeed magically reappeared in. The event led Sean to put a stop to Leanne’s departure, clearly realizing that if she left, he could lose “his” son once again. The moment proves just how strong the ties are between Jericho and Leanne, and how the couple may never be able to part ways with her without losing their child in the process.

Servant seasons 1-3 are available to watch on Apple TV+, with season 4 premiering Friday, January 13.

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