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James Franco, Seth Rogen will take us back to the ’90s with comedy series on Hulu

seth rogen james franco hulu series
Talk about irony. Seth Rogen and James Franco first appeared together in the late 1990s on the teen series Freaks and Geeks, which was actually set in the’80s. Now, the two actors have joined forces in the 2010s for an untitled teen comedy for Hulu that will be set in the ’90s, reports Variety.

This is, of course, not the first time the pair have worked together since the cult hit Freaks and Geeks. They have worked on several films together over the last two decades, including Pineapple Express, This is the End and The Interview. Their latest flick, The Disaster Artist, debuted to rave reviews at the South By Southwest film festival. Both also voiced characters in the raunchy 2016 animated film Sausage Party, which was co-written by Rogen.

However, the yet-to-be-titled Hulu series marks the first series production for the actors.

It’s unclear exactly what the series will be about, but with both men in their 30s, they’ll likely have plenty of personal experience from which to draw, since they both actually were teens in the ’90s. However, it doesn’t look as though they’ll be acting in it — both Franco and Rogen will serve as executive producers, along with Franco’s producing partner Vince Jolivette and Rogen collaborator Evan Goldberg. The series will be written by 39-year-old author and social media personality Kelly Oxford, who is best known from her commentary on Twitter, as well as the New York Times best-selling book Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar, which will soon be followed up be a second book, When You Find Out the World is Against You.

The series is reportedly still in the early development stages, so both actors will have plenty of time to work on their current projects. Franco is set to star inhe HBO series The Deuce, while Preacher, which Rogen co-created along with Goldberg, is gearing up for its second season on AMC. It will debut in June.

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