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Tom Holland will return for another Spider-Man trilogy after No Way Home

In December, Spider-Man: No Way Home will wrap up a trilogy of movies starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but it won’t be the end of Holland’s run as the wall-crawling superhero. In a new interview, Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal revealed that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are already planning a new trilogy of Spider-Man films.

“This is not the last movie that we are going to make with Marvel,” Pascal told Fandango. “[This is not] the last Spider-Man movie. We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel … we’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go on to the next three. This is not the last of our MCU movies … Marvel and Sony are going to keep going together as partners.”

These films were the result of an unprecedented 2015 deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel/Disney to share custody of Spider-Man and bring the iconic hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland made his Spider-Man debut in Captain America: Civil War before headlining Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland reprised his role as Spidey in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame before once again starring in his own solo film, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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However, a disagreement between Disney and Sony nearly derailed plans for any future collaboration with Marvel in 2019. Disney, which owns Marvel, wanted a larger percentage of Spider-Man’s box office receipts in exchange for co-financing a percentage of the movies with Sony. This briefly led to Spider-Man’s exit from the MCU, which sparked a public backlash once the news got out. Holland took it upon himself to urge Sony and Disney to return to the negotiating table. Their subsequent agreement allowed No Way Home to once again take place in the MCU as a coproduction between Sony and Marvel Studios.

There have been other signs of a warming relationship between Sony and Marvel regarding Spider-Man. Holland’s Spidey is a primary feature at the recently opened Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure theme park, complete with his own ride. A new MCU Spider-Man animated series, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, was announced during Disney+ Day. This series will explore Peter’s life before he met Tony Stark in Civil War. Sony and Disney have also reached an agreement on bringing the Spider-Man movies to Disney+ at some point in the future.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters December 17, and tickets are already on sale.

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