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CBS released a new trailer for Supergirl, and it’s oozing with cheese

We all know the story of Superman. But what about his cousin and fellow Kryptonian, Supergirl? CBS has just released a trailer for the upcoming Supergirl series that helps up get better acquainted with the young girl with superhero powers, and it’s so CBS.

Based on the DC Comics character, the program will follow the story of Kara Zor-El (a.k.a. Supergirl). The 24-year-old comes to grips with the powers she has tried to hide for so long after being sent away from her home planet of Krypton to live with a foster family on earth, and saving an airplane from a presumed crash.

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In the one-minute video, we see Kara in a strikingly similar light to Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent: donning a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and professional button-up shirt at work as she hides her identity, later to rip it open and reveal the signature “S” on the tight suit she wears underneath. It’s clear she’s finally ready to embrace her powers instead of run from them, and use them for good.

“If she’s anything like him,” we see co-worker Jimmy Olsen (played by Mehcad Brooks, Necessary Roughness) tell Kara in one scene, clearly unaware of who she is, “she’s a hero.”

The title role will be played by GLEE’s Melissa Benoist. Also appearing in the series will be Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie, The Twilight Saga) as Maxwell Lord, Chris Browning (Sons of Anarchy) as Ben Krull, a.k.a. Reactron, Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, and Dean Cain (who previously played Superman in the Lois & Clark TV series) as Jeremiah Danvers, Kara’s foster father. The most recent cast member to be added was Jenna Dewan-Tatum (American Horror Story: Asylum) in a recurring role as Lucy Lane, Lois Lane’s younger sister.

The show, which looks like it has enough cheesiness to appeal to a certain target demographic, will begin airing just before Halloween: on October 26, 2015. Break out those Supergirl costumes!

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