Tom Cruise is trying to make Edge of Tomorrow 2 happen

Edge of Tomorrow

This is important: Please, nobody tell Tom Cruise that it’s not 1986 and that he is, therefore, not 24 years old.

Action Hero Tom has been in full bloom recently and — when he’s not hanging from the side of airborne planes, crushing lip sync battles with Jimmy Fallon or saying he doesn’t want no stinkin’ CGI in Top Gun 2 — he’s talking Edge of Tomorrow 2.

Not only is he talking Edge of Tomorrow 2, he’s taking the reins and pushing for the sequel himself. Cruise told MTV News “I pitched it to McQuarrie and Doug. We were there one night and I was like, I’ve got an idea for it,” said the actor.

He’s referring to Edge of Tomorrow Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and Director Doug Liman and the actor’s idea would reportedly bring the original team back together.

While the Mission: Impossible star was mum on the details, he went on to say that he was trying to talk The Angel of Verdun into returning as well. “It could be so much fun,” said Cruise. “Gotta get Emily [Blunt]. I was like Emily, please. She was like, ’give me another year, please.’”

The original had a relatively weak showing at the box-office domestically, but grossed $269 million — 72 percent of its overall total — in foreign markets. It also garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, a fact that a potential sequel could perhaps parlay into a more impressive take.

Plus, the Manga that the film is adapted from, All You Need is Kill, is getting its own sequel, penned by the original novelist Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Whether the film sequel happens or not, a tip of the hat to Tom Cruise for turning the clock back like Rita Vrataski and William Cage before him.