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Vudu now lets you cancel a movie rental while you’re watching it

If you drop a few bucks on a movie rental through the likes of Amazon, Google, YouTube, or Apple and you quickly realize the film is a dud, that’s your money wasted right there.

But another company in the movie-streaming space, Vudu, has just launched a neat feature that lets you ditch the film and switch to something else without having to pay again.

Called Rental Redo, the option lets you abandon a movie within the first half an hour — plenty of time to confirm that what you’re watching deserves not one additional minute of your precious time.

“Rent without worry because Rental Redo is just like having a gift receipt for your movie,” Vudu said in a blog post announcing the new feature. “If you decide your rental is not for you within the first 30 minutes, we’ll give you a ‘redo’ so you can find another movie to fit your mood.”

To obtain your credit, you’ll need to call or email Vudu’s customer care team within 24 hours of hitting the stop button on the movie. The credit should land in your account within 24 hours of making contact, though it won’t be given if you downloaded the movie to a device. Also, a Rental Redo can only be performed one time per movie.

Rental Redo lets you ditch up to four rented movies per month, though if you find yourself regularly hitting that limit, either your method of selecting movies requires an overhaul or you have unreasonably high expectations when it comes to cinema.

The new feature from California-based Vudu seems like a great idea and could help the company persuade more movie fans to use its service over competitors such as those mentioned at the top.

As an additional incentive to use its streaming platform, Vudu has also launched a price promise feature, so if you find a movie from a competing service with a cheaper rental fee, it will add a credit for the price difference to your account.

Vudu’s movie library can be a useful place to explore when your subscription services — if you’re signed up to any — fail to deliver the goods. Rental Redo and the new price promise make it even more appealing.

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