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Who hopped in a car with Negan on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead, stop right now and catch up before you read any further.

In the Sunday, April 1, episode, the third-last in the eighth season of the popular AMC series, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) managed to escape the troubled grasp of the revenge-filled Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), hop in a car, and head out on the open road. But he spots someone on the side of the road, stops to comment on how awful they look, then invites them to get in.

Negan is later seen pulling up to the Savior compound gates, telling the guards to keep his return quiet. Yet no one else is visible in the car.  Chances are the person is hiding, and Negan has found a way to use him or her to his advantage. But who is it?

Here are our top guesses.


The most likely candidate is Gregory (Xander Berkeley), former leader of the Hilltop colony who was last seen escaping alongside Saviors after little Henry (Macsen Lintz) opened the gates to where they were being held at the Hilltop. Most of those Saviors were located and slaughtered by walkers, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), and Morgan (Lennie James). Henry somehow survived on his own. But what happened to Gregory? With no allies, the cowardly man was probably aimlessly roaming the streets. And he would be willing to exchange any information to get back in Negan’s good graces. But what will he tell him?


Sherry (Christine Evangelista) is Dwight’s (Austin Amelio) wife, who was forced to become one of Negan’s wives. She made the tough decision to free Daryl (Norman Reedus) and take off, and hasn’t been seen since. Did she manage to survive all this time, only to be found by the man she despised? Might she be used as leverage over Dwight should Negan finally realize that his loyal follower is actually a traitor? It’s possible.

Father Gabriel

This one is a longshot since Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) was not doing so well when we last saw him. Forced to help Eugene at his bullet making factory, and near blind, Gabriel could have somehow escaped and left his fate in the hands of God. He has a history with Negan, so the barbed wire bat-yielding thug might very well have some compassion for the priest, and plans to use him for revenge.


Dwight was last seen at the side of Simon, supposedly shooting a clean arrow at Tara (Alanna Masterson) in what appeared to be an attempt to save her from Simon’s (Steven Ogg) walker gut-infected bullets. Did he keep running, in hopes of meeting back up with Rick and company? If he did, and Negan found him, Dwight just might be able to save himself by throwing Simon under the bus.


Remember Laura (Lindsley Register)? She’s the one Savior who saw Dwight’s true colors and shot him in the arm before disappearing. It’s safe to say that she hasn’t been back at the Saviors compound, or she would have already ratted Dwight out. So where did she go? If it’s Laura, that is bad news for Dwight, and possibly good news for Simon, as Negan’s wrath will most certainly be directed at the iron-burned sidekick instead. Interestingly, Register is listed as appearing in the upcoming April 8 episode, adding fuel to the fire that it is she who Negan finds.

The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale will air on Sunday, April 15, and will be followed immediately by the season premiere and crossover episode of spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead.

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